Yihang’s Data Activity Log: Feb 20

Data collected from the mobile devices: Phone and iPad Usage

  • All day: Received emails from MIT, friends and online shopping website
  • All day: Chatted with friends and families through Wechat
  • 12:10 PM: Scheduled a meeting reservation and added it to my calendar
  • 12:30-12:45 PM: Watched a short video on Youtube App
  • 1:00 – 4:30 PM: Took pictures of slides during lectures
  • 5:00 PM: Reviewed my Credit Card usage on Chase App
  • 5:13 PM: Made a phone call to the PCP
  • 5:22 PM: Updated my iPhone system
  • 5:31 PM: Updated the Apps on my iPhone

Data collected from computer

  • All day: Received emails from MIT, friends and online shopping website
  • All day: Searched on Google, including news, weather, and python guidance
  • All day: Watched videos on Youtube
  • 7:55 AM: Made changes to the meeting slides and uploaded to Dropbox folder
  • 8:00 AM: Started the Webex meeting through my computer
  • 9:35 AM: Downloaded the Atom software for class
  • 9:50 AM: Cloned the class material from Github
  • 10:43 AM: Connected to lab server and downloaded the test results
  • 1:00 – 4:30 PM: Used Evernote to take notes during lectures
  • 5:34 PM: Browsing on Everlane.com
  • 6:18 PM: Searched for a flight ticket
  • 7:00 PM: Wrote thesis on Overleaf
  • 8:47 PM: Installed python packages using pip install
  • 11:36 PM: Wrote the blog

Data collected from provider:

  • 11:15 AM: Paid for my lunch using the credit card
  • All day: Electricity usage of my apartment
  • All day: Geospatial data collected from FMS (MIT Mobility Survey App)
  • 8:15 PM: Pharos MIT Printer

Alicia’s Data Activity Log: 02/18/18

I wrote this in diary style because I found that the most amusing. I would also post the picture that was taken, but privacy request. Sorry!

10:00 AM I check the weather app in NYC using the wifi in my boyfriend’s apartment. I’m sure somewhere the internet provider can identify my device

10:20 AM I check Google Maps where the restaurant is. I might have freaked out for a solid minute when Google Maps says it’s closed, but then calm down when the website says it’s open. Google Maps obviously has my GPS coordinates.

10:21 AM Facebook Messenger notes that I’m active as I relay to my cousin. He then promptly freaks out because he made the reservation for the wrong day.

10:35 AM The restaurant sends me a text to say I’m confirmed on their waitlist. There’s data from texts, right?

10:40 AM I use the Yelp app, which takes my GPS coordinates, and put myself down on a restaurant’s waitlist. Five minutes later, take myself off.

11:40 AM Finish brunch at Empanada Mama. I use my credit card to pay for my part of brunch. Discover notes that I’m now in NYC, which is not far away enough from Boston to consider fishy.

12:15 PM Leave my phone in the coat room of a museum. There goes 30 unread emails, and maybe a text from my mom wondering why I haven’t been active on Messenger for three hours.

12:20 PM The museum is spy-themed, and gives us wristsbands that signify our admission. The lady checks that I bought our tickets online (which were only $1 for processing fee, free for students!!)

12:40 PM For some reason, when doing the activities that need to be activated by the wristband, the kiosks greet my cousin and I with just a “Hello” while they greet my boyfriend with his name. Hmmm. They keep track of our progress while we go through activities to build our “spy profile”.

12:45 PM We do the surveillance activity, which has a lot of CCTV footage of the museum. I don’t know if they’re recorded?

12:55 PM We get our results. Apparently I’m most suited to be an Intelligence Analyst. The display says they would email me, but I’m not sure it’s working.

3:50 PM I hit my 30 minutes of exercise. Apparently 180 more calories to go and 8 more times to stand. Thanks Apple Watch!

7:00 PM My cousin takes a selfie with us and sends it. Facebook now has a picture of us.

7:30 PM We’re at UCB theater and get our electronic tickets scanned.

9:00 PM Transportation is hard. While the ticket machines don’t work so we can’t get on the bus, I’m reluctant to use ride-sharing apps, though I did open it, so Lyft figured out where I was. End up walking and using the subway again. MTA makes me really thankful for MBTA’s Charlie Card.

10:00 PM Buy tickets for spring break, finally! Also reply to airbnb messages (yay I got the booking!) and link my airline rewards to hotel rewards. Somewhere, data is recorded that I’m traveling and trying to be money savy.

11:00 PM Attempt to watch xfinity and it tells me I’m not on campus. I’m sad.

Jay’s Sunday, in data

Direct interaction with phone/computer

  • Called my father to wish him a happy birthday
  • Web history of Google/Youtube searches, browsing the news, meandering through social media feed(page requests)
  • Analyzed data and aggregated results for research tables
  • Received emails and responded to one about an event
  • Saved the event into my calendar application
  • Wrote texts to friends to decide stay in touch across time zones, make plans to meet, and talk about how good Black Panther is
  • Paid for goods (Black Panther tickets via Venmo) and services (Lyft ride) using my phone
  • Point-to-point travel data recorded while taking Lyft that I requested
  • Pushed completed problem set to Github
  • Watched a couple episodes of tv on Hulu

Data collected through someone else’s device

  • Single-point travel data recorded when I got on the bus
  • Scanned paper ticket into women’s hockey game
  • Watched the Olympics on TV at a friend’s party
  • Purchased food at Clover using my debit card
  • Utilization of heat, water, gas captured in my apartment

Data created in the real world

  • Wrote out a to-do list for the rest of the weekend
  • Left footprints in the snow
  • Conversed and told jokes at the party; left a first impression on a few new friends and likely reinforced what old friends already know about me

Caroline’s Saturday from a Data Perspective

Data collected from traveling:

  • Samsung Fitness
  • Tapping into dorms and buildings (in the evening)
  • Swiping into dining hall
  • Spotify song selections
  • Purchases from Flour & Abide, powered by Square
  • Uber

Data collected from phone usage:

  • Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, WhatsApp
  • News: Bloomberg, Yahoo! Finance, NYTimes
  • Gmail & Google Drive
  • Shopping: Amazon, Nordstrom
  • Phone call & data usage
  • Entertainment: Netflix, Kindle app

Data collected while at home:

  • Amazon Alexa: setting reminders, song requests, weather
  • Electricity & water usage
  • xFinity internet usage
  • Web browsing
  • Computer crashing

Arturo’s Digital Day


Alexa alarm clock goes off, I deactivate it with my voice

I check my phone of my emails, moving some to the trash, flagging the important ones


I go downstairs to the dining hall for breakfast swiping my MIT ID

In the cafeteria line, I check instagram and snapchat

Read news on the bloomberg app


Buy lunch at Clover

Check my coinbase account and sell some of my bitcoin


Buy a coffee at Starbucks

Send some funny gifs to my friends through facebook messenger


Answer questions on the MITx platform

Series of google searches on linear algebra topics

Write some emails


Go to dinner at McCormick Dining hall


Read a couple articles on Medium.com

Check facebook

Download next week’s psets off Stellar


Watch the olympics on xfinity.com

Ask Alexa about tomorrow’s weather and set an alarm to wake up tomorrow