Data log – Rikhav Shah

1. Phone usage – how often I unlock it, use various apps, charge it
2. Laptop crashed – sent usage data to Microsoft
3. Added money to Charlie card – data collected on location of the machine I used, what time I used it, and how much money I put on my card
4. Went to dining hall – ID number collected, date/meal attended, time of arrival, number of meals remaining that week
5. Tapped my ID to enter dorm building and use elevator
6. Cookies used by New York Times; track which articles I read, whether I’m logged into a subscribed account or not
7. Facebook messenger – what times I’m active, who I’m messaging and the contents of those messages
8. Sent an email to a moderated mailing list – contents of email stored
9. Class attendance – I contribute to information about how popular lectures are for my classes
10. Turned in a homework assignment – my grade is part of the class statistics
11. ITunes records number of times each song has been played
12. YouTube recalls which videos I watched; learns what topics I’m interested in
13. Amazon – learns what products I’m interested in by recording my queries
14. Chrome browser – records usage like how element inspection is used and items are downloaded, etc
15. Facebook – records which videos I watch, what I click on or like, and how much time I spend looking and different posts

Maddie’s data log 2/21

– searched youtube for pottery tutorials
– google search terms for new dog training/advice
– amazon search for new dog toys (which led to targeted ads for those toys on other pages..)
– log into facebook and send messages
– credit card purchases (coffee/groceries)
– clover app ordering
– swiping into the T
– swipe in to children’s museum for shift
– swipe MIT ID to pottery studio
– sending and receiving emails
– bought plane ticket/got rental car
– google maps both locally and for vacation planning
– listened to spotify playlists
– downloaded and subscribed to podcasts
– opened my phone w fingerprint reader
– took photos with my phone (labeled w/ location)
– posted instagram photo/followed other users on instagram
– shared files on dropbox and google drive
– logged in w MIT account to multiple lab computers
– made phone calls
– sent texts/photos
– watched the olympics
– posted this blog!

Data Log – Sofia Reinach – 02/21

  • Logging in my cell phone using the fingerprint;
  • Using electric energy;
  • Using internet;
  • Consuming water and gas;
  • Getting in and out the T using my MIT-Student Charlie Card;
  • Using What’s App;
  • Paying my coffee (and other things) using my credit card;
  • Opening my office with MIT Card;
  • Accessing/reading/writing emails;
  • Accessing Stellar;
  • Googling information that I need;
  • Checking facebook;
  • Listening to music in Spotify;
  • Using Google Maps;
  • Buying food on Amazon Fresh;
  • Accessing the gym with my membership card;
  • Not using cell phone or lights during the night.

Data Log 02/21/2018 – Mitchel Myers

Data Produced by Me on 02/21/2018

  • Transaction data – Dunkin’ Donuts, Chipotle, Verdes
  • Location data – phone tracking, Uber transactions
  • Photo data – Snapchat
  • Video data – street video cameras
  • Browsing data – internet usage, searches
  • Messaging data – text, emails
  • Phone call data – calls, timestamp, location, people involved
  • Future plans data – airline reservation, train reservation
  • Food preference data – restaurant orders
  • Sport team preference data – based on internet searches
  • Shopping preferences/interests data – Amazon searches and purchases
  • Spending patterns data
  • Swipe-in/swipe-out data (with MIT ID card)

Kunyi’s Data Log: 2/21/2018

  • Morning before classes:
    • Electricity usage data from turning on lights
    • Water usage data from shower
    • Location data from checking weather
    • Fitness data from step counter on phone during walk to campus
    • Apple Music usage data from listening music
  • In class:
    • Took notes using OneNote
    • Took pictures of notes on blackboard
    • Google form data from in-class quiz and activities
  • Lunch:
    • Credit card transaction data
    • Panda Express sales data
  • After class:
    • Phone call minutes data
    • Credit card transaction data at Muji
    • Muji sales data
    • KungFu Tea app usage data (transaction, rewards system)
    • KungFu Tea sales data
    • SnapChat usage data
    • Fitness data on phone from walking to and from KungFu Tea
    • Attendance data from signing in at 6.009 staff meeting
  • Dinner:
    • Electricity usage data from cooking on stove
    • Tap water data
    • Night:
    • Video data from recording videos at dance practice
    • Lab notebook data from prepping for tomorrow’s experiment
  • Throughout the day:
    • Internet usage data (WiFi, phone data)
    • Various social media app usage data (Twitter, Instagram, Messenger)
    • Phone games usage data
    • YouTube video watching data