Alicia’s Data Activity Log: 02/18/18

I wrote this in diary style because I found that the most amusing. I would also post the picture that was taken, but privacy request. Sorry!

10:00 AM I check the weather app in NYC using the wifi in my boyfriend’s apartment. I’m sure somewhere the internet provider can identify my device

10:20 AM I check Google Maps where the restaurant is. I might have freaked out for a solid minute when Google Maps says it’s closed, but then calm down when the website says it’s open. Google Maps obviously has my GPS coordinates.

10:21 AM Facebook Messenger notes that I’m active as I relay to my cousin. He then promptly freaks out because he made the reservation for the wrong day.

10:35 AM The restaurant sends me a text to say I’m confirmed on their waitlist. There’s data from texts, right?

10:40 AM I use the Yelp app, which takes my GPS coordinates, and put myself down on a restaurant’s waitlist. Five minutes later, take myself off.

11:40 AM Finish brunch at Empanada Mama. I use my credit card to pay for my part of brunch. Discover notes that I’m now in NYC, which is not far away enough from Boston to consider fishy.

12:15 PM Leave my phone in the coat room of a museum. There goes 30 unread emails, and maybe a text from my mom wondering why I haven’t been active on Messenger for three hours.

12:20 PM The museum is spy-themed, and gives us wristsbands that signify our admission. The lady checks that I bought our tickets online (which were only $1 for processing fee, free for students!!)

12:40 PM For some reason, when doing the activities that need to be activated by the wristband, the kiosks greet my cousin and I with just a “Hello” while they greet my boyfriend with his name. Hmmm. They keep track of our progress while we go through activities to build our “spy profile”.

12:45 PM We do the surveillance activity, which has a lot of CCTV footage of the museum. I don’t know if they’re recorded?

12:55 PM We get our results. Apparently I’m most suited to be an Intelligence Analyst. The display says they would email me, but I’m not sure it’s working.

3:50 PM I hit my 30 minutes of exercise. Apparently 180 more calories to go and 8 more times to stand. Thanks Apple Watch!

7:00 PM My cousin takes a selfie with us and sends it. Facebook now has a picture of us.

7:30 PM We’re at UCB theater and get our electronic tickets scanned.

9:00 PM Transportation is hard. While the ticket machines don’t work so we can’t get on the bus, I’m reluctant to use ride-sharing apps, though I did open it, so Lyft figured out where I was. End up walking and using the subway again. MTA makes me really thankful for MBTA’s Charlie Card.

10:00 PM Buy tickets for spring break, finally! Also reply to airbnb messages (yay I got the booking!) and link my airline rewards to hotel rewards. Somewhere, data is recorded that I’m traveling and trying to be money savy.

11:00 PM Attempt to watch xfinity and it tells me I’m not on campus. I’m sad.