Jay’s Sunday, in data

Direct interaction with phone/computer

  • Called my father to wish him a happy birthday
  • Web history of Google/Youtube searches, browsing the news, meandering through social media feed(page requests)
  • Analyzed data and aggregated results for research tables
  • Received emails and responded to one about an event
  • Saved the event into my calendar application
  • Wrote texts to friends to decide stay in touch across time zones, make plans to meet, and talk about how good Black Panther is
  • Paid for goods (Black Panther tickets via Venmo) and services (Lyft ride) using my phone
  • Point-to-point travel data recorded while taking Lyft that I requested
  • Pushed completed problem set to Github
  • Watched a couple episodes of tv on Hulu

Data collected through someone else’s device

  • Single-point travel data recorded when I got on the bus
  • Scanned paper ticket into women’s hockey game
  • Watched the Olympics on TV at a friend’s party
  • Purchased food at Clover using my debit card
  • Utilization of heat, water, gas captured in my apartment

Data created in the real world

  • Wrote out a to-do list for the rest of the weekend
  • Left footprints in the snow
  • Conversed and told jokes at the party; left a first impression on a few new friends and likely reinforced what old friends already know about me