Data log – Rikhav Shah

1. Phone usage – how often I unlock it, use various apps, charge it
2. Laptop crashed – sent usage data to Microsoft
3. Added money to Charlie card – data collected on location of the machine I used, what time I used it, and how much money I put on my card
4. Went to dining hall – ID number collected, date/meal attended, time of arrival, number of meals remaining that week
5. Tapped my ID to enter dorm building and use elevator
6. Cookies used by New York Times; track which articles I read, whether I’m logged into a subscribed account or not
7. Facebook messenger – what times I’m active, who I’m messaging and the contents of those messages
8. Sent an email to a moderated mailing list – contents of email stored
9. Class attendance – I contribute to information about how popular lectures are for my classes
10. Turned in a homework assignment – my grade is part of the class statistics
11. ITunes records number of times each song has been played
12. YouTube recalls which videos I watched; learns what topics I’m interested in
13. Amazon – learns what products I’m interested in by recording my queries
14. Chrome browser – records usage like how element inspection is used and items are downloaded, etc
15. Facebook – records which videos I watch, what I click on or like, and how much time I spend looking and different posts