Maddie’s data log 2/21

– searched youtube for pottery tutorials
– google search terms for new dog training/advice
– amazon search for new dog toys (which led to targeted ads for those toys on other pages..)
– log into facebook and send messages
– credit card purchases (coffee/groceries)
– clover app ordering
– swiping into the T
– swipe in to children’s museum for shift
– swipe MIT ID to pottery studio
– sending and receiving emails
– bought plane ticket/got rental car
– google maps both locally and for vacation planning
– listened to spotify playlists
– downloaded and subscribed to podcasts
– opened my phone w fingerprint reader
– took photos with my phone (labeled w/ location)
– posted instagram photo/followed other users on instagram
– shared files on dropbox and google drive
– logged in w MIT account to multiple lab computers
– made phone calls
– sent texts/photos
– watched the olympics
– posted this blog!