Lifeline: At what age do people want to die?

Lifeline is an installation created by Domestic Data Streamers. This design firm uses data storytelling to communicate complex information and generate knowledge.

This data piece is made up of a grid of 800 balloons which mark the point between one’s real age and the age at which they would like to die, contrasting the information with their gender. The coordinates where no one wants to die are represented in white, whereas the ones that represent death are in black.

Spreadsheet with the raw data

I think this project is exploratory and it does effectively communicate their intentions. I believe the communication goal is to make people aware that humans don’t choose until what age they want to live, but they can choose what age they want to die. I really like how they use physical objects (balloons) to visualize life/death (white/black), age (coordinates of the balloon). It is showing the spatial variables and the colors to convey information.

This way of representation also generates conversation right in the space. People in this installation can discuss and think what their goals in life are, and also generate new emotions.